How they were picked

The judging of the Dynamites Awards is split into two panels: the category panels and the main judging panel. The category panels consist of experts with specialist knowledge in each of the awards categories, and are carefully selected to ensure a fair and representative judging process. The main judging panel is made up of experienced technology professionals, all with a passion for celebrating the best in the region’s digital sector. By having these two rounds of judging we insure all entries submitted to the Dynamites Awards are given the time and expertise to be evaluated fairly. 

The judges were invited by Dynamo based on their relevant experience and knowledge of the industry, and to ensure that the judging panel is diverse and inclusive. The panel includes representatives from a range of well-established businesses, cutting-edge start-ups, universities, and public sector organisations. Each judge brings their unique perspective and experience to the table, ensuring that the awards are judged fairly and transparently.

Throughout the judging process, all judges are required to maintain strict confidentiality, and the results are kept under wraps until they are announced on the night of the awards ceremony. By ensuring that the judging panel is made up of a diverse range of experts with extensive knowledge of the digital sector, we can guarantee a fair and rigorous judging process that recognises and celebrates the very best of the North East’s technology industry.

Keep an eye out as we add amazing judges to our panel.

Main Judging Panel

Category Judges